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Application Intregation

WebSphere Cast Iron Integration solution can help your company organize, manage and execute your business operations quickly and efficiently with a configuration based no coding approach. The Cast Iron platform provides pre-configured integration solutions for hundreds of the leading cloud and enterprise applications, encompassing the entire lifecycle of your integration needs.

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Enterprise Mobility

Back some 25 years ago, the concept of mobility was very different. Collaboration, efficiency and productivity were just as important then as now, and to their credit, businesses made use of the day’s technologies as best they could. After all, companies were still storing their records on paper. Printers were slow and costly. Fax machines were even slower. And the phone was the only way to collaborate in real time with a colleague.
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Oracle EBS

LEXICON has been an Oracle solution provider with experienced consultants engaged in extending Oracle’s E-Business Suite to meet each organization’s unique business requirements. We have worked on all the processes of database management like database administration, performance tuning, backup and recovery and database clusters. Learn More (SFDC)

Lexicon Networks offers consulting services that enable clients to fully leverage the power of cloud computing. We help clients take full advantage of the scalability, responsiveness and cost-efficiencies that cloud computing offers to customize, expand and implement all the features and functions of your Salesforce CRM. Learn More


Field Work
Field Work

Lexicon Field Work provides end-to-end automation of field service operations covering all major processes to generate more revenue, increase the productivity of field personnel and accelerate cash flow.

It offers multiple functionalities to improve communication with the field.


Mobile Sales Force Automation is a key requirement for fast-moving businesses today.

Sales executives and senior decision makers are always on the move, creates the need for mobile sales solution to have easy access to key metrics to make important business decisions.