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WebSphere Cast Iron Solution

WebSphere Cast Iron Integration solution can help your company organize, manage and execute your business operations quickly and efficiently with a configuration based no coding approach. The Cast Iron platform provides pre-configured integration solutions for hundreds of the leading cloud and enterprise applications, encompassing the entire lifecycle of your integration needs.

Lexicon Networks solutions integration team can help you meet the functional and technical requirements needed to make your project a success. From Backend ERP applications to SaaS based applications and EDI formats to Flat/XML file integrations, Lexicon integration services team has the subject matter expertise to deliver on best practices and knowledge transfer gained from hundreds of engagements.


  • Quote to Cash integration between CRM, ERP, warehousing and financial systems
  • Billings, Bookings and Backlog visibility from ERP to CRM
  • Candidate information from HCM to recruiting systems
  • Employee payroll data from HCM to payroll systems
  • Pricing and product catalog information between ERP and customer portals
  • POs, shipping notices and payments with suppliers
  • Repair and warranty information between call centers and customer portals

  • IBM Cast Iron Live
  • IBM Hypervisor Edition

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    IBM Cast Iron Cloud

    BigMachines is the integration-as-a-service deployment option. Using a "develop once, deploy anywhere" approach, the IBM Cast Iron Cloud is ideally suited for BigMachines customers with a majority of their applications based in the cloud and want no infrastructure on premise.

    Virtual integrated appliances

    The WebSphere Cast Iron Hypervisor Edition for BigMachines is the virtual deployment options and can be installed on a company's own hardware. This option is useful for customers that have most of their backend operations already deployed on virtual servers farms.