Cloud Consulting Services

The cloud - much to do about nothing or fundamental paradigm shift in the IT landscape?

In our industry, change is the norm, however, change for the sake of change seldom yields results.

Software-as-a-Service promises to revolutionize the status quo and provide companies with economies of scale and never before experienced low cost-of-ownership.

PeopleSoft Consulting Service offering aims at providing a comprehensive strategy to our customers worldwide. The consulting services consists of strategy, installation, implementation, customization, integration and upgrades.Lexicon Networks Consulting has delivered PeopleSoft-based services , and is the one of the leading PeopleSoft partners in a number of regions. Lexicon Networks is a specialist across the PeopleSoft product range and underlying technology,PeopleSoft implementation service consists of studying the existing process, designing the “TO-BE” processes, building the system, customizing PeopleSoft application or providing work around to suit specific needs of the customer and deploy the solution. Lexicon Networks adopts the modular approach of implementing the modules.

  • 1. Customer Relationship Management
  • 2. Human Capital Management, including Global Payroll
  • 3. Financial Management
  • 4. Supply Chain Management & Supplier Relationship Management
  • 5. Enterprise Performance Management, including Planning and Budgeting

  • In line with the PeopleSoft market, the majority of Lexicons experience resides in the areas of HR, Global Payroll and Financials. This experience has included a large number of implementations, upgrades and development projects, from very early versions through to the latest releases.

    Eight Phase
  • Phase 1 : Pre-implementation Planning
  • Phase 2 : Product Walkthroughs
  • Phase 3 : Fit/Gap Analysis (Transparent Training)
  • Phase 4 : Develop Baseline Functional Specifications
  • Phase 5 : Vanilla implementation / Base Upgrade (Includes Testing)
  • Phase 6 : Key Customizations
  • Phase 7 : Testing
  • Phase 8 : Go Live
  • Upgrades

    Technical : An upgrade project typically consists of two major components;
    Applications :The technical and PeopleTools upgrade, designed to bring the existing databases to the same version.

    The Application/ Product Upgrade, designed to convert business data to the upgraded version. During this process, any new or enhanced functionality, as well as eliminating obsolete processes is executed.

    Database Upgrade

    Lexicon Networks has also provided Support & Maintenance services, Training services, Technology services (e.g. Architecture Design, Integration, Portal, Middleware etc) and Business Consulting services to support the detailed body or work.

    Applications systems Integration can be an afterthought when clients consider acquiring different applications.

    In many cases systems integration does not play a prominent role in the development of the organizations overall IT Strategy. As a result, a lot of organizations end up scrambling when faced with the reality at hand under pressure, decisions are made in haste and more often than not integration solutions acquired are not fit for purpose.

    with the ability to understand best practices and adapt them to their custom environments to deliver integrations solutions that are game changers within their industries and organizations.

    Consulting Service
  • 1. Scoping
  • 2. ROI/TCO Analysis
  • 3. Migration
  • 4. Implementation
  • 5. Training
  • 6. Knowledge Transfer
  • 7. Maintenance & Support

  • Lexicon Networks has been at the forefront, leading the adoption to the cloud. We have helped customers experience for themselves the transforming power of the multi-tenancy model and the elegant simplicity and predictability inherent in the new paradigm. We have the required know-how and drive to empower our customers to empower their organizations to put in place scalable solutions that are highly adaptable yet tightly coupled with application endpoints and services.

    Cloud Advantages


    It can be called bandwidth on demand. As a customer onboards more resources he can instantly meet the demand for more applications or services.

    Disaster recovery

    Cloud computing providers take care of most disaster recovery issues, therefore customer do not need complex recovery plans.

    Automatic upgrades

    Cloud computing supplier perform upgrades, server maintenance, and security updates. This allows for the customers IT staff to focus on core projects.

    CapEx freedom

    The pay as you go model eliminates the need for upfront capital expenditures

    Work from anywhere

    Being able to work from home is a big plus for most employees. With cloud offerings as long as they have internet access, they can work from anywhere.

    Document control

    One source of truth. Allows employees to collaborate with workers locally or across different time zones and countries.

    Increase Collaboration

    Cloud computing increases collaboration between employees, wherever they may reside. They can work on documents or apps simultaneously and receive critical updates in real time.


    Computers can crash or be stolen, but when everything is stored in the cloud, data can still be accessed no matter what happens to a machine or location.


    The cloud gives customers that would otherwise have to settle for less access to enterprise-class technology. It also allows gives users the ability to react quickly to market demands and the competition.

    Better for the environment

    Businesses that make the move to the cloud will cut their carbon foot print by reducing their needs for onsite servers and peripherals. Even with the offsite use, they only use what they need when needed.

    Lexicon Networks Expertise

    Our expertise includes but is not limited to CRM, ERP, PLM, RDBMs, Integration, support and training services. Lexicon established knowledge base within the education industry enables our customer accelerate development and deployment of their projects resulting in significantly increased ROIs.