Customers and ISV’s choose Lexicon.See why it makes sense for you to do the same:

Customer and ISV’s have come to realize that its very expensive and time consuming to train and mature internal resources on new systems being brought in house as is the case with cloud computing. Integration skills typically needed by clients are non existent or terribly limited. Furthermore clients are faced with the task of supporting and managing deployed integration projects with limited resources that lack the needed expertise. The result being one of dissatisfaction creating a tenuous situation from an operations, management and support perspective. Leveraging Lexicon Networks expertise up front can help customers smoothly transition into their newly acquired systems while continuing to focus on continued growth.

Lexicon Networks is continuously helping customers and ISV’s manage their integration projects within the SaaS/Cloud/On-Premise environments. Lexicon Networks has successfully delivered hundreds of customer integration projects. We provide our clients a full range of integration experts that are fully capable of delivering on customers integration requirements. We also train the clients internal resources and perform knowledge transfers to ensure that the internal resources are capable of operating, maintaining and supporting the deployed solutions. Our Clients also have the comfort of knowing that Lexicon SME’s are one phone call away. With the experience of successfully delivering hundreds of integration projects for our clients we are confident that we can do the same for your organization.