Case Study


Dom-Ex, an H-E Parts International company, is committed to serving the mining and construction industries with quality used heavy equipment parts, including refurbished and OEM surplus new replacement parts. The company supplies solutions for off-highway heavy mobile equipment such as haul trucks, electric and hydraulic shovels, drills, loaders, and dozers.

They have a diverse inventory of diesel engines, transmissions, suspensions, hydraulic cylinders, final drive parts, gears, differentials, electric motors Dom-Ex also offers used equipment sourcing, machine rebuild and machine relocation services to its customers around the world. Lexicon was subcontracted to integrate Salesforce CRM with Custom ERP.

Identified Issues

  • No centralized CRM tool was being used to connect with corporate ERP
  • Many business objects needed to be synchronized with those that existed within the ERP
  • Large amount of transactions each day required efficient workflow design to be implemented on the Cast Iron cloud

Engineered Solution

  • Integrated Salesforce CRM with custom ERP platform for account, financial, inventory, invoice, sales order, quote and product.
  • Interact with other Salesforce objects to combine relative information
  • Standardized synchronization process: automatically detect new flat file on FTP server and extract information for insertion and update
  • Provided ability to track number of records being read and updated
  • Error handling enabled capturing of all possible errors and exceptions for diagnostics


  • User friendly interface for customers and partners to retrieve information
  • Higher productivity - bridged process gap between groups
  • Better visibility/more efficient comparison reporting
  • Organized data allows for efficient information storing and processings
  • Cloud implementation reduced local maintenance work