Health Care

health care

The Health Care industry has been undergoing a drastic overhaul for quite some time, changes long heralded as necessary are now within sight. Advances in technology though key to this on-going transformation needed to be accompanied by strong mandates to force a very fragmented industry to move as one.

Over the past couple of years, we have witnessed both a vocal involvement of the US government in pushing forward initiatives such as HIPPA, Electronic Health Records, LOINC and personal records portability as well as the maturation of products (SaaS-based EMRs, Medical records exchanges, etc) making it ideal for medical companies to move forward with plans long held in check.

Though eager to consolidate and take advantage of the promises of cost cutting and improved efficiency lauded by the vendors, medical companies find themselves taken aback by the sheer complexity of the integration effort required to put such plans in place. Lexicon Networks has the subject-matter expertise to design, architect and develop innovative solutions, scalable and with proven results.

Lexicon Networks Expertise

Our expertise includes but is not limited to CRM, ERP, PLM, RDBMs, Integration, support and training services. Lexicon established knowledge base within the education industry enables our customer accelerate development and deployment of their projects resulting in significantly increased ROIs.


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