Integration Managed as a Service (IMaaS™)

Businesses are successful when they are able to focus on core competencies. In today's world, IT has become a key driver in the overall strategies for revenue growth in most organizations. Though integration of core business processes is a must for most companies, doing so detracts talented resources from focusing on the organizations long term initiatives.

Companies in search of an alternative have chosen Lexicon Networks to deliver a cost effective model without compromising on state of the art solutions.

The Solution

IMaaS™ is a subscription-based service offering leveraging a SaaS integration platform, where integration solutions are created, hosted, actively managed, maintained and supported by Lexicon Networks, the industry leading integration solutions provider.

IMaaS™ is a disruptive service offering which allows companies to take advantage of :

  • Proven integration solution experts
  • Integration solution with multiple deployment options
  • Complete integration solutions actively managed, maintained and supported
  • Flexible subscription based service offering
  • No middleware solution licensing costs
  • Eliminate need to provision on-site hardware installationsEliminate need to provision on-site hardware installations
  • No annual recurring middleware solution licensing and hardware maintenance costs
  • Freedom from management and implementation of middleware upgrades and patches
  • Built in Service Level Agreements with assured Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Significant reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Scalable & Robust Architecture
  • Comprehensive SLAs


cloud services
IMaaS Cloud Solution

Lexicon Networks IMaaS Cloud,is the integration managed as a service cloud deployment option. Using Lexicons hands free approach to integration, this option is ideally suited for clients with lean IT departments that rather outsource their business processes premise.

IMaaS Hosted Solution

Lexicon Networks IMaaS Hosted Solution Offering, is the integration-managed-as-a-service hosted deployment option. Using Lexicon's hands free approach to integration, this option is ideally suited for clients wishing to take advantage of Lexicons high availability environment.

IMaaS On-premise Solution

Lexicon Networks IMaaS On-Premise, is the integration-managed-as-a-service on-premise deployment option. Using Lexicons handsfree approach to integration, this option is ideally suited for clients with existing IT infrastructure who would rather host the solution.