IMaaS™ Solution

Lexicon Networks IMaaS™ Solution can help your company take a hands free approach to integration. IMaaS™ is a subscription-based service offering leveraging a IBM’s SaaS integration platform, where integration solutions are created, hosted, actively managed, maintained and supported by the Lexicon Networks integrated services team. The Lexicon Networks IMaaS™ solutions offering we can help your company organize, manage and execute your business operations quickly and efficiently with a configuration based no coding approach.

The IMaaS™ platform provides pre-configured integration solutions for hundreds of the leading cloud and enterprise applications, encompassing the entire lifecycle of your integration needs. From Backend ERP applications to SaaS based applications and EDI formats to Flat/XML file integrations, Lexicon’s integrated services team has the subject matter expertise to deliver on best practices and knowledge gained from hundreds of engagements. ISV’s can also leverage a prebaked integration template that encompasses all of the configurations for their application endpoint, dramatically reducing the time to onboard new customers.

This product is targeted towards enterprises that have neither the desire or bandwidth to manage and maintain the integration solutions that need to be put in place in order to execute upon there integration strategy. Though integration of core business processes is a must for most companies, doing so detracts talented resources from focusing on the organizations critical long term initiatives. Organizations in search of an alternative to the deploy and neglect model to integration projects, have chosen Lexicon to deliver a fully managed and supported cost effective model without compromising on state of the art solutions.

Companies in industries ranging from human capital management, finance, manufacturing, retail and consumer packaged goods, transportation and logistics, use Lexicon Networks IMaaS™ Solution to solve application integration problems like:

  • Quote to Cash integration between CRM, ERP, warehousing and financial systems
  • Billings, Bookings and Backlog visibility from ERP to CRM
  • Candidate information from HCM to recruiting systems
  • Employee payroll data from HCM to payroll systems
  • Pricing and product catalog information between ERP and customer portals
  • POs, shipping notices and payments with suppliers
  • Repair and warranty information between call centers and customer portals
  • Lexicon Networks IMaaS™ Solution can be deployed in three different locations without sacrificing any functionality: Cloud, Colo, and On-Premise.