Integration Managed as a Service (IMaaS™)


Businesses are successful when they are able to focus on core competencies. In today's world, IT has become a key driver in the overall strategies for revenue growth in most organizations.

Though integration of core business processes is a must for most companies, doing so detracts talented resources from focusing on the organizations long term initiatives.

Companies in search of an alternative have chosen Lexicon Networks to deliver a cost effective model without compromising on state of the art solutions.

The Solution

IMaaS™ is a subscription-based service offering leveraging a SaaS integration platform, where integration solutions are created, hosted, actively managed, maintained and supported by Lexicon Networks, the industry leading integration solutions provider. Learn More

Oracle EBS

Oracle applications go-live, we offer the following support services :
  • Post-production support
  • Performance tuning
  • Database administration
  • Hosting
  • Offshore development capabilities
  • Application management
  • Performance tuning
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    Health Fitness

    Ongoing maintenance and continued improvements are critical for the success of a Salesforce implementation. Lexicon Networks has a well-defined approach for providing affordable, reliable Salesforce maintenance services.

    Our Salesforce experts employ the best practices to enhance performance and increase adoptio

    We understand the specific requirements and objectives of our customers, which helps us support them effectively in an admin role by completely replacing their need for an internal Salesforce admin.

    Maintenance services include activities such as resolving open tasks, assessing usage, updating the records regularly, taking back-ups, cleaning data, updating versions, auditing users and licenses, examining logs, and analyzing the usage of fields.

    Our continuous Salesforce maintenance services enable clients to focus on their core business.

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