Field Work

Field Work Product

Fieldwork is a Mobile application which would automate your processes for service and fieldwork personnel.

It also makes life easy for making reports as you just punch in the data and get BI reports and also it makes a central repository for the vital documents.

It is a game changer for organizations looking for a real-time solution to manage their field service personnel.

This Application provides them with instant access to work order details, job history, contact and location information, asset information. Request DemoLearn More


Salex product

Lexcion Salex Application helps in improving sales by speeding up the ordering process. You could use a mobile to show new products to the customer and to create orders and quotes while you are on the road, even when you are offline.

It makes you feel equipped for the market as it has all the real time connectivity to your company ERP as it could also be integrated with the same.

It is a hybrid application which works on all the mobile devices such as iOS, android and blackberry platforms.

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