Case Study


Solta Medical is motivated by the promise of a forward thinking, science driven, pursuit of excellence. Their commitment to innovation is as boundless as the mobius in their logo, a circle without beginning or end.

Like this symbolic image, Solta Medical is not constrained in any way and will always explore new intellectual, scientific and business possibilities.

Their mission is to be the leader in developing transformational aesthetic products, procedures and services; building world class brands; and providing long term value for their stakeholders. Solta subcontracted Lexicon to integrate several disparate systems.

Identified Issues

  • Two ERPs and two CRMs and a host of other systems to integrate as a result of a company merger
  • Centralized customer Order Management application integration
  • Complex workflows to match and de-dup redundant customer and contact info
  • Real time Customer to Order and Inventory management across systems

Engineered Solution

  • Standardized Sales and Support, Customer and Order Inventory management
  • Integrated Great Plains, Expandable ERPs and Salesforce and SalesLogix CRMs with real time information flowing across systems
  • Centralized CRM and finance systems

Intended Outcome

  • Project ROI in 3 months
  • Automatic synchronization of customer master and order-to-cash thus avoiding manual data entries and reducing inconsistent information
  • Customer visibility and reporting on-the-fly, a button click away