Telecom customers demand consistency and state of the art services from their providers, with availability to the latest apps and streaming media. Given the fact that the smart phone has become the most significant convergence tool in the history of mankind forcing service providers to quickly adapt to the continuous technological landscape in order to maintain and gain market share.

Enterprises in this rapidly changing landscape need to run high end applications systems such as CRM, ERP, PLM, BI, RDBMs, etc. They must also include a strategy for developing and delivering apps and consumable services that can be triggered or invoked when customers take declared actions within their upsell business model.

Taking the entire picture into account can be a daunting task for IT executives to accomplish in a timely and cost effective manner. Lexicon Networks expertise has helped transform business processes for our Telecom customer, helping them run more efficiently and achieving higher ROIs while reducing TCOs.

Lexicon Networks Expertise

Our expertise includes but is not limited to CRM, ERP, PLM, RDBMs, Integration, support and training services. Lexicon established knowledge base within the education industry enables our customer accelerate development and deployment of their projects resulting in significantly increased ROIs.


  • Consulting Services
  • Implementation Services
  • Maintenance & Support
  • Health Check
  • Training