Case Study


Uponor is a leading manufacturer and supplier of plumbing and heating systems for the residential and commercial building markets across North American and Europe. People throughout the world benefit from their products and systems, which are installed in homes, commercial and industrial buildings.

Partnering with many professionals to specify, distribute, market, and install their products and systems. Lexicon was subcontracted to integrate Salesforce CRM and Oracle Database end points.

Identified Issues

  • No centralized CRM tool was being used to reflect product information
  • Needed to daily synchronize CRM with database to reflect updated inventory
  • New demand opportunities were being manually added, and existing ones were not being updated consistently

Engineered Solution

  • Integrated Oracle Database with Salesforce CRM platform for inventory and opportunity insight (product, potential customer)
  • Interact with other Salesforce objects (account) to combine relative information
  • Standardized synchronization process: automatically detect new flat file on FTP server and extract information for insertion and update
  • Provided ability to track number of records being read and updated
  • Error handling enabled capturing of all possible errors and exceptions for diagnostics


  • Product and opportunity information can be easily queried within the CRM with synchronization to database and FTP server
  • User friendly interface for customers and partners to retrieve information
  • Higher productivity - bridged process gap between groups
  • Better visibility/more efficient comparison reporting
  • Organized data allows for efficient information storing and processings