Cloud Integration without Custom Coding using Cast Iron

What is Cast Iron?

In today’s competitive global business environment, companies are recognizing the need to reduce complexity and cost in order to increase their business agility.

To do so, many organizations are accessing key business applications using a SaaS or cloud computing model. The challenge many businesses face in reaping the full potential of SaaS is integration – making new cloud-based applications work with the disparate systems running in their data centers. In the past, this involved time-consuming and resource-draining coding work.

IBM Cast Iron is an offering from IBM that provides clients with a platform for integrating cloud - based applications from leading SaaS providers with on premise applications from IBM and other companies.

In language term Cast Iron means a hard, relatively brittle alloy of iron and carbon which makes the metal more fluid and easier to cast in complex shapes. In similar way IBM WebSphere Cast Iron is produced to provide flexibility and ease of use while casting the complex business functionalities.

It is used for integration between different applications running on cloud servers, on premise and virtual server. At a very high level, data from an application is extracted, processed for business transformation logic and supplied to another application. Hence it is also called as ETL tool of IBM.