Lexicon Networks is a full-service SaaS solutions provider with a diverse range of high-technology products and service offerings. Based in Chicago, with operations in Pune (India), California and Ontario, we boast a truly global client roster of some of the most influential companies in their respective industries.

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Our areas of specialized services include:

  • Solutions Consulting
  • Specialized Software Products
  • Application Development (including mobile and web)
  • Integration Solutions (including modernizing legacy systems)
  • Cognitive AI enhanced solutions
  • Support services (including Integration Managed as a Service, IMaaS™)

Our services are committed to helping our clients identify, develop and implement cost-effective, modern solutions to enhance their business. Whether via integration and enhancement of legacy systems, or via bootstrap new development, our diverse range of subject matter experts always hit the ground running.

Our products are laser-focused on solving unique needs for unique organizations. While the industry verticals we serve our diverse, the common denominator in all our pre-built solutions is the use of our technology expertise in connectivity, integration and cognitive AI to make business processes easier and more powerful.

Lexicon's core focus is to develop long-lasting customer relationships through unmitigated trust and undeniable performance. See our case studies here

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Change is the only Constant

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As business owners, we want higher profit margins. As consumers, we want lower prices but better products and services. As people, we want more time to do the things we love.

But times are changing - and changing fast! So fast, that in many aspects of our lives it seems technology has gotten away from us, muddying what should be straight-forward goals. This is definitely true in business operations, where a disproportionate focus on the bottom line and on short-term wins comes at the expense of the human side of the equation.

At Lexicon Networks, we believe technology should be harnessed by people, not the other way around. We fuse old school wisdom with new school technology, which results in sensible solutions for some of today’s most pressing business challenges. We believe in solutions that give business owners what they need, while giving consumers what they want, all in a manner that respects the time, effort and experience of getting there.

As an example, our ZEST MAMÁ technology helps restaurant owners reduce the time spent taking orders over the phone, while increasing profit per order.

This helps lower prices for restaurant patrons, while giving them better service. And of course, all of this strengthens the restaurant/customer relationship. Success for the business, success for the customer, and success for the overall human experience for both.

This Win-Win-Win approach to technology is the thread that runs through every product we develop, and is our guiding principle at Lexicon Networks.

I invite you to explore our products and services, and look forward to helping your business achieve success.

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