Max-Grad automates the process of sifting through your institution’s records to identify an untapped and often ignored student population with massive potential. $629 billion in potential to be exact. And the best part is, you already have a relationship with these students and don’t need recruitment efforts or marketing dollars to teach them who you are.

This segment is the near-completer. The students who didn’t quite graduate, but with a little concerted effort, could be brought back and re-enrolled.

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Turbo Scholarship is a software platform that effectively creates a marketplace for scholarship providers to promote their scholarships and for students to easily find and match to them.

For students, the process of researching, finding and matching to available scholarships is daunting, tedious and not very fruitful.

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MHECi (Mental Health Evaluation Center) is a web-based platform that consolidates, logs, and reports on all facets of the post-DUI Alcohol & Drug Evaluation process. MHECi significantly reduces the time and effort required for administering agencies and behavioral health professionals to process cases.

Throughout most of the United States, the Alcohol & Drug Evaluation Report process is administered within each state by very few accredited agencies and clinics.

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ZEST MAMÁ is a voice and text-based food ordering platform, powered by artificial intelligence. ZEST MAMÁ allows customers to easily place restaurant menu orders without interrupting busy staff or requiring expensive third-party dependencies.

The demand for fast and easy online ordering is increasing at a rapid pace. It’s increasing so fast, that to save time, effort, and possibly formidable cost, many restaurants choose to integrate third-party-owned platforms to offer this service.

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The Lexicon Order Management System automates and simplifies order handling and fulfillment workflows for sales & distribution businesses. OMS consolidates multi-channel sales orders, syncs them with live inventory management and provides anytime, anywhere access without additional ERP licensing fees.

The sales & distribution process today is experiencing rapid change. Failing to have a live, real-time view of your business from top to bottom creates a fundamental obstacle to optimizing resources and managing the on-demand needs of customers.

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SalEx helps enterprises manage the entire sales process from initial customer contact to closing the deal. SalEx, a CRM at heart, automates cumbersome tasks that hinder sales activity and allows executives and management to analyze and forecast the sales operation anytime, anywhere.

Sales staff is often burdened with tedious, repetitive back-office manual work, such as data entry, searching for customer history and activity, reviewing previous interactions with other sales reps, or managing their pipeline.

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FieldWork provides end-to-end automation of field service operations such as scheduling, dispatch, invoices, task & asset management, work orders and more. FieldWork is specifically tailored to improve field personnel productivity, communication, customer service and revenue.

One of the greatest challenges for businesses with remote service operations is that communication, supervision, and performance-tracking tends to fade once personnel step outside the office.

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Centius6 is a remote temperature-monitoring solution designed for small to mid-sized transporters of foods and other perishable items. Centius6 locates, tracks and reports on shipments throughout the entire chain of custody.

The transportation and distribution of perishable items requires strict and stringent temperature-controlled environments that must consistently keep within a prescribed range throughout the entire chain of custody.

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