Lexicon’s Virtual Agent services use the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create “chatbots” that communicate in natural, conversational language. The platform fulfills immediate customer service needs via voice, text, phone, in applications, on websites and instant messengers.

They want it now.

In today’s 24/7, anytime, anywhere world, the expectation of service is incredibly challenging for most businesses. Whether a customer wants to order a new service, solve a problem or just file a complaint, failure to respond quickly can lead to lost revenue, customer dissatisfaction and even public relations issues if the customer takes to a public platform. If all this happens during business hours and you’re staffed to support it, perhaps you have a fighting chance. However, the reality is, the needs of immediate customer service quickly become too much for any growing business to handle.

Virtual Agent Service
Virtual Agent Solution

Hold the virtual line.

Most front line customer queries are common requests that are easily prepped for a service representative to answer on cue. But the question is, why steer human resources away from more important or complex tasks and toward such easily solvable issues? Traditionally, legacy machine support systems haven’t allowed for systems that could naturally respond to customer needs.

A customer can easily feel as though they’re fighting through a computerized maze, and your relationship with that customer suffers. But today, the situation is different. Not only has technology advanced to a level of workable AI for such tasks, but customers themselves have grown accustomed to the speed and agility of short message communication such as texting, chat and instant messengers.

A key component of Lexicon’s Virtual Agent capabilities is Natural Language Processing (NLP), which gives machines the ability to interpret human language the way it’s written or spoken, rather than forcing users to wax robotically. Successful NLP involves two essential processes:

  • Natural Language Understanding (NLU) -
    responsible for receiving, processing and understanding inquiries posed to it.
  • Natural Language Generation (NLG) -
    responsible for producing text from structured data into a readable format with meaningful phrases and sentences
Virtual Agent Service by Lexicon Networks

Technology made for humans.

Additional opportunities provided by our Virtual Agent systems go beyond simple canned responses to customer inquiries. We “train” our Virtual Agents to perform more advanced, clearly defined, specific tasks for your business by having them learn from patterns and features of large amounts of data, via fast processing and intelligent algorithms.

In short, the primary goal of AI is to empower simple number-crunching machines with reason, recognition and therefore, intellect. This intellect becomes capable of responding to the needs of your customer, and provides the following benefits to your business:

  • Increased productivity -
    Virtual Agents are directly connected to system data, making them the most efficient resource for answering system questions.
  • Faster customer service -
    Customers don’t have to wait to speak to a representative, because you have virtually unlimited one-on-one representatives on staff.
  • More personalized communication -
    Even though a Virtual Agent is artificial, its knowledge of customer data, its ability to respond to custom questions, and its dedicated attention paid to the customer until dismissed provides for a more personal experience overall.
  • More customer insights -
    Capture more customer data to feed back into the system, growing the business-customer relationship while providing valuable insight into product and service offerings.
  • Better response rates -
    Virtual agents respond to all user messages, meaning you never miss a client inquiry, which leads to better conversions.
  • Reduced resource costs -
    Right-size your business with the most efficient, ROI-focused mix of talent you need for your business to grow.
  • Consistency -
    Ensure the customer experience is as you wish it to be, every time and with every contact.
Virtual technology Support

Hire a thousand agents now!

With Lexicon’s Virtual Agent deployment, refocus your service resources on areas of greater need, respond more rapidly to your customers’ needs, and enjoy explosive staff growth your HR department can easily handle.