Lexicon’s Internet of Things (IoT) Development services help businesses leverage the power of internet connectivity to make devices smart. From planning, architecture and design to launch and ongoing maintenance, we help ensure a seamless user experience with our integration, development and security expertise in this burgeoning arena

With connectivity comes responsibility.

The number of IoT devices is expected to reach 30 billion by the year 2020. Both end-consumers and business customers are increasingly seeking out devices that allow full access to their functionality regardless of location. And they want these devices to speak to their other systems whenever possible.

This promise of convenience is now being offered by devices at all price points, so for any business to remain competitive, smart capability is no longer a choice. But even businesses with experienced technical staff may not have the specific set of skills required to successfully plan, secure, deploy, and maintain such connected systems, leading to inefficiencies, snowballing costs, performance issues, or worse, security lapses.

Iot Services by Lexicon Networks
Iot Solutions by Lexicon Networks

Know your systems, know your customers.

One of the primary but hidden benefits any business can gain from an IoT strategy is data insight. You have a tremendous amount of potentially unmined data within your own internal systems, and monitoring, accessing and analyzing this data and pairing it with broader business intelligence can reap tremendous efficiency rewards.

Cost savings can come from many places, from process reorganization, enhanced asset utilization, automation and more. The only way to get there is through a tremendous amount of footwork and resources, or by using smart devices and smart integrations powered by the Internet of Things.

Deploying smart-enabled hardware is only half the magic. The success of any IoT solution greatly depends on the capabilities of the back-end systems that integrate with devices over the internet. Capturing, relaying and integrating that data into your existing systems so that you can actually capitalize on them is an area of unique expertise for our IoT engineers.

At Lexicon, we help businesses leverage IoT solutions every day, from increasing process efficiencies to delivering better customer experiences to generating new revenue streams. We have done this successfully across multiple industries and domains. We have the resources and capabilities to offer full end-to-end management of your IoT implementation, and that’s what sets us apart.

Internet of things service by lexicon networks

Some potential industrial applications for Lexicon’s IoT services include:

  • Manufacturing -
    Monitor and automate complex manufacturing processes, and then optimize and streamline those processes based on collected analytics data and tracking.
  • Supply Chain -
    Track materials, equipment and products in the supply chain in real-time. Connect plants to suppliers, allowing you to identify and quickly act upon interdependencies, material flow and manufacturing cycle times.
  • Fleet Management / Transportation -
    Gain valuable insight into transport usage and inefficiencies. Expend less fuel, optimize routes, improve driver performance, ensure regulatory compliance and maintain proactive schedules for vehicle maintenance.
  • Facility Management -
    Automate and remotely control regular tasks and systems. Increase efficiencies and reduce expenses by tracking and analyzing usage over time. Secure and monitor facilities, track supplies and inventory, shorten emergency response and ensure safety compliance.

Additional consumer-facing applications include:

  • Smart Homes -
    Add market-essential automation capabilities, including lighting, heating, air conditioning, media integration, and security.
  • Elder Care -
    Offer quality-of-life systems with assistive technology to accommodate the needs of the elderly or those with disabilities. Add voice controls for the visually or mobility impaired, integrate security and safety alerts to cochlear implants for the hearing impaired, or monitor and alert caregivers for medical emergencies such as falls or seizures.
  • Healthcare / Medical -
    Enable remote health monitoring and critical notification systems, for both ongoing health management and life-saving emergency response. Monitor various health markers from simple blood pressure or heart rate, to deeper advanced device integration with specialized implants such as pacemakers or hearing devices.

These are just a few examples of what’s possible, and where Lexicon has expertise. With our strategic integration and custom technology solutions experience, identifying unique IoT solutions for your specific needs are where we excel.

internet of things solution by Lexicon Networks

Get connected!

With Lexicon’s IoT Development services, instantly add smart device expertise to your bench. We’ll bring your systems to life, mine your untapped integrations and grow your data insight, all while helping you surpass your competitor benchmarks.