The Lexicon Order Management System automates and simplifies order handling and fulfillment workflows for sales & distribution businesses. OMS consolidates multi-channel sales orders, syncs them with live inventory management and provides anytime, anywhere access without additional ERP licensing fees.

Too many spinning plates.

The sales & distribution process today is experiencing rapid change. Failing to have a live, real-time view of your business from top to bottom creates a fundamental obstacle to optimizing resources and managing the on-demand needs of customers. And some of those needs include taking orders from multiple channels while trying to manage a stable, single inventory, further stretching your resources thin.

Without the ability to streamline and synchronize this process, order intake slows down, inventory management destabilizes, and communication (and therefore relationships) with your customers suffers.

Order Management Service | Lexicon Networks
Order Management Solution | Lexicon Networks

Automation that puts people first.

The Lexicon Order Management System is designed to improve the customer experience while providing you with tools focused on efficiency, awareness, communication and better business performance.

When you know what was ordered, from which channel, when, with what approvals and by whom, you’re able to provide these details to your customers and better set their expectations. If a problem arises, you’re better able to pinpoint the source of the issue and quickly resolve it. And of course, the more a customer is armed to get this information themselves when they need it, the more you can focus on running your business and steering away from problems before they occur.

The Lexicon OMS offers the following features and benefits, whether your customer is a dealer, a salesperson or the end customer:

  • A centralized platform to manage orders from all sales channels, effectively combining them into one
  • Comprehensive synchronization between sales channels and inventory, with a consolidated view of inventory across the enterprise.
  • Multi-faceted tracking, including order process tracking, approvals tracking and shipment tracking (with real-time updates and delivery timelines).
  • A self-service portal for customers to access their order details, track its progress, identify hold-ups, submit claims and, importantly, set expectations.
  • Anytime, anywhere administrative access with offline data synchronization and mobile app access.
  • Integration with back-end ERP systems.
  • Improved processing of claims management.
  • Business performance reports and analytics for forecast planning and expansion.
  • Manageable system costs, without hidden licensing fees
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Easier Management, Better Service!

With the Lexicon Order Management System, you’ll enjoy seamless execution across all customer, financial, inventory and supply chain touchpoints. Deliver a customer-centric, omnichannel experience for higher customer satisfaction and long-term loyalty.