Integration Managed as a Service (IMaaS™) is a subscription-based service offering where integration solutions are created, hosted, managed, maintained and supported for your business by Lexicon, for a low monthly cost.

Don’t lose sight of your business.

Organizations are the most successful when they focus resources on core competencies. That’s easier said than done though, when I.T. is a key driver in the revenue growth strategy of most any business today. What if your business’ core competency is not I.T.? Or even if it is, what if your I.T. staff is already fully utilized toward essential, strategic tasks? Integration of core business processes is a must for most companies, yet doing so either creates recruitment burdens or distracts existing talent from high payoff activities, derailing both short and long term initiatives in the process.

IMAAS | Lexicon Networks Inc
Integration service | Lexicon Networks

A renewable resource, ready to plug in

By simply integrating Lexicon’s flexible, easy-to-add IMaaS™, you can tighten your business focus and alleviate resource allocation and training expenses. Traditionally, doing so meant that a business had to purchase and integrate expensive, pre-packaged middleware solutions.

But with IMaaS™, we help construct something that’s right for you, at a cost that makes sense in the balance. Most importantly, you gain the confidence that you’re leveraging seasoned industry experts to develop and manage your integrations. Let us focus on our core competencies, so you can focus on yours.

The benefits of Lexicon’s IMaaS™ allow you to:

  • Retain proven integration solution experts, at the ready to help you.
  • Lighten the load on existing talent and resources.
  • Avoid expensive, non-custom middleware solutions with license burdens.
  • Keep systems running smoothly, day or night.
  • Eliminate the need to provision on-site hardware.
  • Deploy on IBM’s trusted cloud platform, with scalable and robust architecture.
  • All with a flexible, low-cost monthly subscription with built-in Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and assured Quality of Service (QoS).

We reduce your overall total cost of ownership (TCO) and provide immediate ROI by:

  • Dramatically reducing up-front investment.
  • Eliminating recruitment and training costs.
  • Removing on-site network administration.
Integration Service | Lexicon Networks
Integration Solution by Lexicon Networks

We’re ready to deploy!

With Lexicon’s IMaaS™, there’s no reason to sacrifice what’s next for your business. Un-burden your pipeline, your budgets, and your resources and keep experienced personnel in your corner, on-tap.