FieldWork provides end-to-end automation of field service operations such as scheduling, dispatch, invoices, task & asset management, work orders and more. FieldWork is specifically tailored to improve field personnel productivity, communication, customer service and revenue.

Your office doesn’t end at your front door.

One of the greatest challenges for businesses with remote service operations is that communication, supervision, and performance-tracking tends to fade once personnel step outside the office. Many businesses rely heavily on paper-based tracking or simple one-to-one communication methods that fail to keep the entire business in sync with customer and vendor needs.

Failing to invest in reliable, cohesive and modern field service management leads to significant revenue leakages, and keeps customer service beneath its potential for securing long term customer loyalty.

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FieldWork service

The ever-present,
portable office.

FieldWork allows your field service personnel to take your deeply integrated office with them, whether on a device you provide or one they bring themselves, by combining many customer service functions into one, unified solution.
Service scheduling, demos, installation, invoices, complaint service, customer feedback and much more are all on-tap everywhere your staff goes.

The end result empowers field crew with all the support and data they need to provide customers a better, more cohesive service experience. And from the perspective of daily management, FieldWork offers cost reduction for SLA compliance, greater visibility in operation and crew location, and performance tracking via reports and analytics.

FieldWork offers the following features and benefits:

  • Anytime, anywhere access for field staff and executive management, on any device, accelerating collaboration and elevating customer satisfaction.
  • Interactive, responsive communication between Customer, Field Engineer and Service HO for better updated and more prepared staff.
  • Easy, common task execution such as photo uploads, signature captures, invoicing or even immediate customer feedback.
  • Online support access for field engineers for improved first-time-fix-rate, productivity, SLA compliance cost, and revenue.
  • Fast and easy service allocation to field engineers.
  • Simplified data entry and data selection, paperless and with reduced redundancy and errors.
  • Integration with back-end ERP systems
  • Safe, robust data synchronization mechanism, with offline data syncing for all field information capture.
  • Business performance reports and analytics for boosting profitability, forecast planning and expansion
  • Scalable with add-on modules.
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Unite Your Business!

With FieldWork, empower your field staff, elevate communication, and gain insight into reducing costs and improving revenue. Achieve the freedom you need to engage with your customers in innovative ways.

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