ZEST MAMÁ is a voice and text-based food ordering platform, powered by artificial intelligence. ZEST MAMÁ allows customers to easily place restaurant menu orders without interrupting busy staff or requiring expensive third-party dependencies.

Don’t create obstacles between you and your customers.

But the problem is, these third-party providers take a significant bite out of every order’s profits, causing restaurants to raise prices, making them less competitive in the marketplace. In addition, these platforms gradually take ownership of your hard-earned customer relationships, eventually leaving your restaurant as merely one of many food providers in the area, within their app.

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Own your own data. Grow your relationships.

ZEST MAMÁ offers a cost-effective, flat-fee based platform that allows you to offer fast, automated ordering that’s easier to use than all those third-party providers, and without you having to give up your most valuable asset — your customer.

You don’t have to dedicate staff to take the order, you don’t have to share your customer data, and you don’t have to raise your prices just to accommodate an aggressive pricing structure. And most importantly, you get to keep and grow your direct relationship with your customers, and even market directly to them to keep them coming back.

Your newest employee won’t eat your profits.

At the heart of ZEST MAMÁ is a virtual agent that answers voice or text calls from a hungry customer, and engages them in a helpful conversation, allowing them to easily order off your full menu.

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Here’s how the process works for your customer, in 5 easy steps:

  • Your customer texts your food ordering phone number to get started.
  • The virtual agent quickly walks them through creating a user profile to speed up ordering in the future
  • Your customer decides whether to call or text their order. Either way, you receive it through the easy-to-use platform.
  • You update the order status through the platform, which keeps your customer up to date for you.
  • When the order is ready, your customer chooses to pick it up, have it delivered or dine-in, depending on your preferred offerings.

In addition, ZEST MAMÁ offers you the following valuable features:

  • Take payments through the platform
  • Market directly to your customers; send them coupons, special promotions, push menu items you need to move, and more.
  • Request customer feedback, allowing you to handle any issues before they post on a public forum.
  • Analyze your business with reports and analytics including market segmentation, the average time for each service type, and more.
  • Receive alerts, or broadcast alerts to your customers.
  • Enjoy an easy-to-use Restaurant Dashboard for all of the above.

Food Ordering Made Easy!

With ZEST MAMÁ, forget cumbersome, expensive and intrusive third-party mobile apps. Let your customers simply call or text you directly to order their food, and then do what you do best — run your restaurant.

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