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Automation where you need it.
Personalization where students demand it.

Max-Grad is a highly effective* student recruitment and marketing platform designed to help institutes of higher education harness untapped revenue

Max-Grad automates the process of sifting through your institution’s records to identify an untapped and often ignored student population with massive potential. $629 billion in potential to be exact. And the best part is, you already have a relationship with these students and don’t need recruitment efforts or marketing dollars to teach them who you are.

This segment is the near-completer — the students who didn’t quite graduate, but with a little concerted effort, could be brought back and re-enrolled.

But merely identifying these students is not enough.
Max-Grad also :

  • Provides degree completion percentages onstudents to help you decide whom to approachand with what priority
  • Evaluates the student’s remaining courseworkand financial investment to completion.
  • Executes personalized communication via emailor text, or targeted outreach.
  • Allows students to track and evaluatetheir educational path.
  • Offers detailed reporting tools fortracking your campaign’sprogress toward yourenrollment andrevenue goals.
Focus marketing effortson
what actually works

Let’s Bring Them Back!

With Max-Grad, you can help your students achieve their potential, improve your graduation metrics and grow your revenue, all at the same time.

After executing only two campaigns with Max-Grad, a recent client posted a Return on Investment of 16x over the program implementation cost. That meant almost half a million dollars in returning student revenue.

Max Grad | scholarship solution