Lexicon Mobile Application Development offers custom, cost-effective, secure and well-integrated applications for mobile device platforms such as iOS (including Apple Watch and Apple TV), Android and Windows.

Don’t be held back.

Mobile device usage, to put it mildly, has blown past every metric that was in place when most legacy systems were built. This is true for both B2C and B2B applications, and it usually leaves organizations with two choices; either revamp a legacy system to keep up with today’s customer engagement requirements, or build engagement platforms that don’t integrate with a legacy system. Neither of these is ideal in a world where “data is currency” and service is 24/7… But the resource challenges of cost, development expertise and ongoing maintenance create this quandary.

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Enabling both evolutions
and revolutions.

Lexicon has specific expertise in helping clients initiate digital transformations with mobile applications, without the need to replace or revamp legacy systems. Our processes are focused on discovering and implementing custom solutions for specific needs, with a clear eye towards overall cost and ROI.

But going beyond the need to simply evolve your business, we can also work with you to re-imagine your systems as you’d want them to be built today, and then extend them on the mobile platforms that make sense for you. We can build native applications that run entirely on client mobile devices, or hybrid applications that embed HTML5 web apps into a thin, native container on the client mobile device.

Whichever path you chose, the benefits of executing a mobile device application and strategy from Lexicon are clear:

  • Increase customer engagement, support, and service
  • Connect your organization, your workforce, and customers in real time.
  • Improve overall productivity where integration and communication are key.
  • Empower your workforce with on-tap system offerings.

Our service processes that execute on the above goals include:

  • Strategy & Consulting - Our subject matter experts and infrastructure advisory consultants help you define a clear, attainable mobile strategy
  • Back-end Integration - Our integration specialists help you identify the best use of existing back-end ERPs, CRMs or other system applications, with a goaltowards real-time data to make yours a “business-on-the-go”
  • Development & Implementation - Building on the business logic from your defined strategy, we tackle User Interface (UI) design, coding logic, processes and workflows, data integration and management, all the way to security tightening, testing and deployment.
  • Managed Services - We offer services to deploy, support and maintain mobile applications, be they native, hybrid, cloud-based or on-premises.
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Lexicon Mobile Application developers have advanced expertise in the following methodologies and frameworks:

  • Native Application development (iOS, WatchOS, TvOS, Android, Windows, Xcode, Objective-C, Eclipse, Java, Visual Studio, C#).
  • Hybrid Application development (PhoneGap, Xamarin, IBM Mobile First, BackBone, Angular, jQuery, Sencha, Ionic).

Build once,
deploy to many!

With Lexicon Mobile App Development, build your native Android, iOS or hybrid app at lightning speed and at an affordable cost.

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